User of the Day

2017-06-15 11:57:57 by Leelius

What the hell is that? God of the RNG throwing out favors today? Cool!



So, during the night I got this stupid idea, that I should totally make some kind of promo video for the upcoming track "Mannequins II" As I aggressively forced my brain to storm up ideas, I kept hearing this one maddening voice over others.

"You should like totally present the track through possessed Hitler."

Good job, brain. Anyway, I made some coffee and got to it. Here's the link to the preview.

...Well, if anything, I might have made a very awkward music promotion video. I'm very proud.


More good news

2016-07-20 03:51:09 by Leelius

I was mildly stressing at my progress with the N G A U C Knock-out Round 2016-original track. It must be done and released before next wednesday or so.

I pulled an all nighter and it worked. I made a breakthrough. You know, that moment when you know you have struck a vein or something hehe. I can already say I will not regret submitting this, whether it gets selected or not for the next round.

I've had so much fun with sound editing last night.

So expect a new track in, a week, I suppose?


Good news, everyone

2016-06-27 17:09:59 by Leelius

Dear you, who is reading this. If you ever liked my dance track "Mannequins", I wish to let you know, that I am making a sequel to it. Call it evil disco or whatever that is, it's being worked on. I hope it will be of satisfactory. I will call this track Skeletron Cult or something. Expect it.


- Leelius

New track coming very soon.

2015-12-19 16:57:50 by Leelius

It's already done, but has some polishing to do. Very slight things to add.

This one includes once again Timothy in the metal guitars, a new guest vocalist featured in vocals, Hantuuki, and me, as the producer. It is a dark and heavy track. It is also probaby one of the best projects I've produced.


Well met.

2015-11-16 19:20:17 by Leelius


I've had two tracks in progress for the last few months. I've had some unimaginable writer's blocks. I hope to complete both tracks. Other one is just me, other one once again features Timothy's metal guitars.

I probably will complete the collaboration project with Timothy first. It's a faster track with plenty of energy. The other one is slower and darker, maybe even a bit sad.

I hope to upload something new soon. I really hope.


Hello friends. new track coming soon again.

2015-07-06 16:55:20 by Leelius

I bid my humble greetings to you. Despite it usually taking forever for me, we are already working on another piece of music with Timothy. It's which is progressing fairly fast and well towards it's completion.

Here's a small taste for those interested:

Have a good one.

Edit: As of now, the track "Warlord" has been published here at newgrounds, soundcloud and youtube. I hope it brings pleasure to some ears.


New track coming soon

2015-05-20 19:10:23 by Leelius

We've been working heavily with Timothy on the next track. Biggest problem has been producing something that tops everything we have come up with so far, for that has always been my personal goal when it comes to anything I create. It seems we have finally overcome that obstacle, and we are progressing on the good rails towards what will be our next track together.



Update: It's done and it's here, ready to be listened. Go take an earful at Psychosis, by me and Timothy.

- Leelius