Journey Dubstep Song
Holding Me Down Experimental Song
I Am Trying To Live Experimental Song
Load My Gun Dubstep Song
The Citadel Dubstep Song
Mannequins II Industrial Song
Marshmellow Clouds & Chocolate Dubstep Song

2016 Submissions

Terminated Heavy Metal Song
I was drunk and tried to make chiptune Video Game Song
Machine Roots [Metal Dubstep] Dubstep Song
Mechanical God Heavy Metal Song
Pelkomieli Heavy Metal Song
Esirippu Heavy Metal Song
Lost Ones Dance Song
Skeletron Cult Dance Song
Annihilator Heavy Metal Song
Manhunt Heavy Metal Song
Faceless Manipulator Heavy Metal Song
Warrior of The Sands Heavy Metal Song
Mannequins Dance Song
Warlord Heavy Metal Song
Psychosis Dubstep Song
Glade of Overgrowth Experimental Song
To Take a Life Heavy Metal Song
Leelius ft. Matti Auerkallio - Dubstep Song

2014 Submissions

Death Gears Heavy Metal Song
Welcome Home Dubstep Song
Leelius - The Life Machine Dubstep Song
Leelius - Ethereal Man Dubstep Song
Leelius - Engine of Hatred Dubstep Song
Leelius - Beyond Time Dubstep Song
Leelius - Symbiosis Dubstep Song
Leelius - Static Morning Dubstep Song